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Our Values

About Visualsoft

Visualsoft® was founded in 1998 in Amman, Jordan. Core business has been moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2000. Visualsoft® now has international exposure to provide IT professional services and solutions.

As a registered Professional Vendor with ARAMCO, SABIC and Saudi Ericsson, to name a few, we deliver successful projects. Case studies show how we delivered “Creativity of Business Automation”.

Visualsoft® R&D efforts achieved outstanding results such as the registration of the patent “Dynamic Business Application” at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Case Studies show the unique solutions provided for our customers which excelled over international companies which opened gates wide for new markets.

To be the preferred "Dynamic Business Development Environment" provider for all major and minor companies and the preferred "ERP" provider for SME'S in the world.

We add value to various business, by providing them with innovative, state of the art technologies, and customizable platform to help customer's achieve their objectives.

Inspire, Motivate and Influence Others


InnovBase© Engine
Cloud Services
Industrial Products
InnovBase is a dynamic business application engine with powerful development tools at Run-Time. InnovBase can bring you the optimal solution because of its capability, flexibility and reliability; Capability: InnovBase is armed with a complete set of software tools and functionalities (Application Intelligence, Workflow Engine, Multi-Language interface, Development Tools, etc.) that any business application may need. Flexibility: Changes in business rules and needs never stop, InnovBase is very flexible responding to such changes. InnovBase empowers companies to amend application behavior as needed in timely manner and minimal cost due to the fact InnovBase allows privileged users to do these changes themselves. Reliability: The stability and continuity of service, your business can rely on InnovBase. InnovBase engine enables companies to create or expand their own custom...
Visualsoft® provides the optimal ERP solution for SMEs. VisualERP is a reliable business application to streamline your business process enabling firm control with great flexibility and superior integration capability. VisualERP utilizes the power of InnovBase, the powerful business application engine that offers generous features and unparalleled flexibility. Following are the key features of VisualERP:   VisualERP solution includes the following modules

Visualsoft® provides cost-effective, flexible and secure cloud ERP solution “VisualERP Cloud”, as a startup or SME you only need an internet connection and Visualsoft® will provide the complete infrastructure, training and support, all of this for a fraction monthly subscription.

Material & Corrosion Management System (MCS) MMS is a data management system that uses an innovative combination of MS-SQL Server and InnovBase Engine to manage professional reports generation for all technical activities.   Technical Study Management System (TSMS) TSMS is a full-functionality data management system. The database, developed by Visualsoft® for one of SABIC Affiliates, stores, organizes, categorizes and generates professional reports for all technical study activities.   Standards & Technical Documentation This is an intranet knowledge sharing application that enables hundreds of engineers to have instant access to a wealth of thousands of technical PDF documents.   Steel Cutting Management System This is an artificial intelligence application to give the minimum cutting wastage for steel fabrication... READ MORE
Research and Development
Industrial Automation Services
Software Development
Busnises Prosses
Data Migration

Research and Development

We are proud to say that Visualsoft® R&D is a powerful IT research and development Center, we succeeded in solving very complicated IT problems where others failed for a lot of our valuable customers such as ARAMCO & SCITECH, our R&D is not only for Visualsoft® Systems use but we can troubleshoot and solve critical IT problems and, this is because of the knowledgebase, resources and relations our company have inside and outside the Kingdom.

Industrial Automation Services

The industrial sector is flourishing rapidly and the need for industrial services is in demand more than ever before. Visualsoft® offers the following services:

• SCADA System - Specialized in Wonderware® InTouch
• Systems and Applications Integration
• Flow Computers Configuration - Specialized in OMNI 
• RTU Configuration And Programming

Software Development

Visualsoft has been developing custom software applications since 1996. We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time. We focus on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All our applications are built on the basis of this philosophy.

Our work is diverse and we cater to clients from all over the world. Our clientele range from Fortune 100 companies to individual entrepreneurs.


Busnises Prosses

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

BPR is the process of reconsidering the way work is being done, to achieve considerable benefits in terms of cost, speed and/or quality. Enhancements in work procedures should be undertaken iteratively; that is the anticipated business process shall have self improvement cycle.


Data Migration

The data is the most valuable part of the information systems, that is why the most important criteria of the success of a system is the quality of migrated data (completeness, consistency, accuracy, etc.)

At the introduction of information systems there is a one-time demand on a huge data migration, when the new system have to be loaded with the existing network data.

The source information of data migration is available in several places, in various formats, so one of the most important task of data migration is to collect, structure, validate and eliminate inconsistency of these data.

This process needs to be completed in a relatively short time involving skilled extra human resources and special technical tools, but without disturbing the execution of daily work.

Realising the importance of data quality of the information systems Visualsoft has built up its own data migration technology, which has been improved continuously during the successfully executed projects.

Today Visualsoft has all the know-how to execute successful data migration projects:

• Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Expertise 
• Thorough knowledge of Hardware/Software components of Information Systems 
• Human and Technical Resources according to Project needs 
• Customisable 
• Data Migration Project Plan 
• Data Migration Technology and Tool Set 
• Data Acceptance Procedure



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