I have engaged for many years, as a customer, with Visualsoft and they have provided various solutions and services for our functions.
Visualsoft proved consistently to be customer oriented, innovative, committed, and excellent driver for premium quality.

Mosaed Al Garni


In fact, this platform has not yet obtained what it deserves in the Arab world, and in the Globe, I did not find such flexibility in any competing platform and the Visual Soft platform is the best and it preceded all of these platforms and this is a testimony from the reality of 10 years of experience using this platform. It is a great work which deserve complete support to reach universality, God willing.

Amr Rashad


Great move by great people. A national company has started toward the universality … We are proud of your efforts.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Jabri

CEO, United Gulf

What if you could develop enterprise apps quickly and without the cost of expensive consultants and developers. VIsualBase is a patented development platform that allows inhouse design and deployment of custom apps on all browsing platforms. The key to operating an innovative business is your ability to implement “best practices” rapidly.

Mahmoud Qashou

Ex. Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

The best of one unified business management suite

Nizar Abu Libdah

Finance Manager, Convergent Technology Est.

Very nice, friendly platform good luck visualsoft team

Hussam AlSinan

Information Technology Analyst, Confidential

Interesting platform, all the success and best wishes

Ayman Abdullah Rayan

IT Infrastructure Operation Management

For each party that wants to adopt compatible and advanced technical solutions and flexible software tools I strongly recommend the Visualsoft platform, which according to my experience with for almost 7 years, it was a major reason for the management and leaderships to focus on the main activities and let the Visualsoft platform carry out technical solutions with ease and flexibility. Thanks Visualsoft

Ahmad Atta

Ex. Khayrocom IT Manager, Khayrocomm

One of the platforms that can be relied upon in automating academic processes in universities, according to a realistic experience at Taibah University

Yousef Salameh

Co-founder and CTO, Digital Exchange (DGTX)

Being one of the first users of this language in our company’s accounting systems, my tongue cannot describe this beauty, glamor and strength. Ease … smoothness … harmony … speed and cooperation from the work team. Amazes you… We started with them from scratch and our ambition is with them the summit that the Pleiades hopes will be in its place


IT Manager, HIT Group