Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Is a management application that serves the factories and automates a number of processes and workflow control that were built specifically to meet customer needs and improve performance.

Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

Managing SADAF KPI’s where each department feeds data every month and the system generates relative KPI dashboards (about 300 dashboards).

Reliability Management Framework – RMF

Managing Threats (Risk Management): planning short and long terms actions to mitigate and/or eliminate threats.

Defect Elimination: defect analysis to prevent them from happening again.

Asset Master Plan: managing and analysis of primary equipment assets to ensure its continuous operation (maintenance, spare parts availability, etc.)

Business Plan – BP

To manage and follow up on the Business Plan ensuring it meets its targets, provide corrective actions where needed. The system generates dashboards to portrait these results department and/or company wide in several time formats; monthly or yearly.


eBase is an automation of SADAF projects procedure. This procedure outlines the process for initiating, developing & planning, managing and executing capital projects.

This procedure based on the Project Management Process of PMI (“Project Management Institute” An American National Standard).

Tools Management System – TMS

To manage the repair workshops by keeping all the record for tools.

Materials & Corrosion System Database – MCSD

Materials & Corrosion System Database (MCSD) is an SABIC affiliates wide technical request and reporting system to manage the materials & corrosion related problems. Its have complete workflow from technical request initiation till submission of technical reports along with the customer evaluation and feedback. MCSD is fully capable to handle the complete history of materials specification along with their tag numbers. Other features includes but not limited to attachments, dashboard, reports.