Our Products Lifecycle Policy

Visualsoft Products Lifecycle

Release YearProduct NameDescriptionMinstream Support End DateNotes
2019VisualBase 7.1 New Brading "VisualBase" and Microsoft Co-Sell Product2029N/A
2018VisualERP 5.0VAT Certification, ISO 9001:20082028N/A
2017VisualBase 7.0Mobile Apps, Web Portal 5.0, Web Dashboard Designer, Advanced Reporting Tools2027N/A
2016VisualERP 4.0Fleet Management and Maintenance System has been added2025N/A
2015VisualBase 6.0Graphical Workflow, Multi Calendar, Decision Support, Documents Collection, SMS…2023N/A
2015VisualERP 3.0Portfolio Project Management (PPM) and Manufacturing System has been added2023N/A
2014VisualBase 5.0Dashboard, Web Portal 2.0, Java Scripts, Discussion Support, Advanced Security Options, OnClick Installation… 2022N/A
2014VisualERP 2.6Human Resources, Payroll and Configuration Wizard has been added2022N/A
2013VisualBase 4.0Workflow, Web Portal 1.0, On-The-Fly Reporting, Embedded Attachment …2018N/A
2013VisualERP 2.0Finance, Fixed Assets, Sales, Warehouses and Procurement2018N/A
2012VisualBase 3.0Documents Management, Ribbon Interface, Drilldown, Email Notifications …2017N/A
2012VisualERP 1.0VisualERP 1.0 is a Proof Concept Version based on InnovBase Platform and International Standards Financing2017N/A
2009VisualBase 2.0Patent Registration, Development Tools, On-The-Fly Programming, Reports Viewers, Translation Tools…2014N/A
2009Visualsoft Business 4.0Business 4.0 has been migrated "As Is" to nnovBase Platform2014N/A
2008VisualBase 1.0Platform initial release-N/A
2006Visualsoft Business 3.0ERP Solution Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server2013N/A
2003Visualsoft Business 2.0HR, Procurement, Accounts, Sales Visual Studio 2002 , Oracle, SQL Server2011N/A
1997-1999Visualsoft Business 1.0Accounts, Sales and Inventory, VB5, Access 972006N/A