What is VisualERP ?

It’s an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system powered by VisualBase and provided by Visualsoft. It’s a bundle of applications that works together to automate business processes and unite them together, and whatever is the business process, it can be applied to it. It also keep the business in sync under one system avoiding to use multiple different system. Applying it on business requires to rebuild the Business Processing Engineering, which change the business process workflow to be compatible with the new system. Due to the system’s complexity, it requires a sufficient time to implement and obtain its benefits. Although, the development requires a full integration between management and technology. It cannot be developed by relying on technicians only as it requires a deep understanding of business management aspects and the business nature as well.


  • Decrease the amount of cost and time consumed by tasks
  • Fast troubleshootingا
  • Easy to change the business process and expand it faster to be involved with new market
  • More wise decisions by depending on financial and accounts reports.
  • Increase services efficiency and reputation

Our Enterprise Resource Planning System – ERP has many units and applications that work together in a flawless rhythm as followed:

Automate your Business with VisualERP

VisualERP is an easy way to automate your business with the minimal cost and time possible.


Notification System on all tasks with ability to customize


Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process.

Document Management

A paperless environment where documents can be captured and shared without the expense of printing documents or archives.

Manage Your Business with Ease

With VisualERP, it’ll be easier to manage your business and its workflow, which will increase work efficiency and reputation through graphical readings that are easy to understand and draw future plans in the way of continuous success.

"A big movement in school's administration management and daily parents monitoring using VisualERP over the web and mobile. Many thanks to Visualsoft for this genius product which gave us this opportunity."

– Amr Rashad, Personnel Manager, Mariya Schools

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VisualERP Modules


The financial accounting system in any economic unit is the first basis for building an integrated information system that is indispensable today in the era of information technology revolution, because it provides the Department of actual and comprehensive data for all elements of the company’s activity, which helping to achieve many benefits, including:

  1. Providing the necessary data to find out the reality of the company’s financial position and its components.
  2. Identifying the actual results of the company’s activity from profits and losses in an analytical form.
  3. Providing the necessary data for the preparation of financial reports and financial analysis of the company’s activities and measuring the development’s performance. The criterion’s effectiveness and success of any system relying on the appropriate data with timely and meaningful target.
  4. Providing the basic elements of internal control over the company’s operating elements, expenses, and revenues to enable the company to invest on available resources.
  5. Monitoring and follow-up of all company’s departments and evaluating the most effective performance through the preparation of planning budgets and accountability of responsibilities.
  6. A financial system that is associated with all other corporate management programs (Sales, Procurement, Human Resources, etc.)

Fixed Assets

The program provides an easy way to manage and control the operations of fixed assets throughout their life-cycle, whether they are depreciated or not, from purchase to depreciation, sale, disposal (or even capitalization) of fixed assets, in synced with the Financial Accounts unit accordingly, which makes fixed asset data available and updated in the financial statements.

Human Capital

We offer software solutions based on customers variable needs and emphasized on added value on applying these solutions to be the optimal solution in the application of human resources management systems.

We designed the Human Resource’s system after studying the needs of the local and national market to provide an HR system that meets all the market’s requirements, which is a complete system that will help organization to operate accurately and manage employee’s data such as recruiting, management, salary, attendance, vocations and more.

The system covers these main sections as followed:
  1. Organizational Management
  2. Recruitment Management
  3. Personnel Affairs
  4. Public and Government Relations
  5. Vacation Management
  6. Time Management
  7. Payroll and Loans


Our Procurement unit system manages the company’s procurement manages the company’s procurement processes, which are important; because purchasing goods and service contracts are recyclable and resalable, which is the main process for pre-sales. It also monitors the purchase management indicators.

The procurement cycle begins with the request for quotations to suppliers; then the purchase orders and the registration of supplier invoices and their follow-up to the completion of the delivery of purchases and storage in the company’s warehouses or delivery to the beneficiary within the company.


Warehouse management is one of the important departments in any organization and cannot be established without it. The primary role of warehouse management is to store and manage the various items that the organization buys and maintains, whether it is permanent items or fixed items.

Warehouse Management acts as a main control point for the flow of different types of suppliers to the beneficiaries of these items and is kept in warehouse in various quantities as required and disbursed upon request.

Plus, the following features.

  • Dealing with several units for the same item (box, bag, grain … etc.)
  • Allows the administrator to add new items
  • Serial system is used in the add-and-exchange
  • Automatic conversion between different units upon receipt and at exchange
  • Detailed central record of the item category information with a unique number at entity’s in the system
  • Detailed records for each item and repository
  • Extensive and flexible stock’s directory in the form of major groups followed by subgroups and analytical groups
  • Working with permanent and temporary varieties
  • Possibility of not accepting duplicated category’s name to prevent duplicating entries and mixing items.
  • Entering all types of receiving transactions
  • Entering all types of issuing transactions
  • Posting items automatically
  • Querying the items in any warehouse (based on the given permissions), as well as in the warehouse’s received or returned items with knowing where its stored
  • Linked with the Procurement and Sales
  • User can define repositories
  • Can categorize warehouses by geographically and type.
  • Entering the opening balances on the first use of the system.
  • The complete process cycle for Martial Requisition, Inventory Journal, and Purchase


Sales management system manages the sales operations in the organization, which is one of the most important business as sales of goods and services are the company’s benefits and profits. It is the primary purpose of the continuity of companies and institutions, and monitors sales management indicators.

The sales cycle starts by issuing quotations to actual customers or potential customers; then sales orders and follow-up to completion of sales delivery, shipment and finally issuing invoices, including sales returns, if any.


Project-Portfolio system serves real estate, engineering and consulting companies where the system connects the contractor, owner, and project manager.

Project-Portfolio handles all phases of the projects process, starting with the project plan, which includes the project and budget plan. Next, project study stage includes the feasibility study, the project costs, and then the implementation stage, which begins with the preparation of the government papers required to start implementation.

Then, contracts with contractors, which includes requests for contracting and request pricing and approval through the Committee on Contracts and Tenders, and then the adoption of contracts also includes amendments to contracts and requests for examination and then the models of project management, Meeting, contract variables, project accidents, work instructions, location, daily report of constructions, abstracts of contractors, suppliers, payment methods and payment


Manufacturing system is one of our ERP modules that closely tracks manufacturing and production related processes. It helps to combine elements of products from the beginning of purchase raw materials until the final production stage. It simplifies the basic reports and tracks all related processes accurately.

It also features

  • Accurate production equations
  • Calculate production costs
  • Handling inventory and costs by linking with warehouses
  • Equation of standards
  • Production and manufacturing stages
  • Management of raw materials
  • Multiple manufacturing orders

Real Estate – Property Management

Real Estate and Property Management helps real estate and property management agencies to monitor units and buildings and their owners as well as the status of leased units and vacant and the dates of termination of contracts and tenants leave. In addition, it has also the automatic follow-up of the rentals and bills payment’s process as well as receiving requests for maintenance from tenants and transfer to the maintenance staff.

The system also features a direct linked to the Financial system where owners can issue contracts and manages receivable, payable, and capital accounts along with all other expenses and related processes, which is also VAT tax ready. A great advantage of the system is the process of follow-up and reminders whether it is for the rental due date or follow-up maintenance requests for the employee and tenants through e-mail and text messages for mobile SMS.

The application also contains many reports and data analysis to give the management a clear vision of leased units and vacant and spread according to its location.

Real Estate – Sales

Real Estate Sales system is dedicated to developers of real estate units, which contributes significantly to the success and archiving of all steps to sell the unit from the inclusion of the project data and units through the process of oral booking and confirmation of the contract and the contract and payment of the contract until the stage of emptying the unit legally to the new owner (client) All of this comes directly from the direct link to the financial system through the establishment of restrictions on the bonds of arrest and deportation, as well as bonds of emptying and deportation. The system is also characterized by sending text messages and e-mail to customers throughout the stages and steps of sale, as well as after sales of periodic messages and congratulations and others.

The system helps to monitor the guarantee agreed upon with the client, whether the guarantee of the building or the equipment and devices provided to the unit. The system contains a mechanism for handling maintenance and requests and implementation within the course of a clear work from the customer through the customer service staff to the maintenance and return to the customer to evaluate the performance and service provided. The application contains many reports and data analysis, which gives senior management a clear picture of the operation of sales and maintenance requests and others.

Fleet Management

Through this system it is possible to manage the company’s vehicles movements signing contracts with customers and partners. It also limits vehicles costs and link them with the drivers as well as issuing invoices and receivables.

System Features:

  • Vehicle Identification Card (e.g. type, plate number, driver’s name, registration information).
  • Tracking vehicle’s status (e.g. parked, working, on road, excessive speed).
  • Register a vehicle to a driver
  • Define geographical areas and control vehicles’ entry and exit.
  • Monitor fuel consumption, tiers, and oil.
  • Signing contracts with customers and partners
  • Tracking contracts process
  • Invoices and financial transactions
  • Waybill requests and movements
  • Expenses
  • Waybill orders, data and movement
  • Fixed assets monitoring and vehicle inspection
  • Drivers

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