What is VisualSIS ?

VISUALSOFT student information system (SIS) solution serves the educational and management level of Educational Institutions through providing reports and online access to actual performance and historical records. It acts as the core for planning, control, and decision support systems. The student information system offers a wide range of e-services to teachers, students, administrators and regulators.


  • Decrease the amount of cost and time consumed by tasks
  • Fast troubleshootingا
  • Easy to change the business process and expand it faster to be involved with new market
  • More wise decisions by depending on financial and accounts reports.
  • Increase services efficiency and reputation

Our student information system – SIS has many units and applications that work together in a flawless rhythm as followed:

VisualSIS Modules

  • Course Offering
  • Online Registration
  • Student Class Scheduling
  • Grade Management
  • Program Design/Academic Plan
  • Online Application
  • Evacuation and Processing
  • Generating Admission
  • Online Acceptance
  • Record Management
  • Student Transcript
  • Graduation Process
  • Student Academic Transactions

Automate your Business with VisualSIS

VisualSIS is an easy way to automate your business with the minimal cost and time possible.


Notification System on all tasks with ability to customize


Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process.

Document Management

A paperless environment where documents can be captured and shared without the expense of printing documents or archives.

Manage Your Business with Ease

With VisualSIS, it’ll be easier to manage your business and its workflow, which will increase work efficiency and reputation through graphical readings that are easy to understand and draw future plans in the way of continuous success.

"A big movement in school's administration management and daily parents monitoring using VisualSIS over the web and mobile. Many thanks to Visualsoft for this genius product which gave us this opportunity."

– Amr Rashad, Personnel Manager, Mariya Schools

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