Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

It’s one of the our services for enterprise resource planning (ERP) to combine the features and benefits of cloud and on-premise services to store data and updated information in Microsoft Azure servers with direct access to it through the web. It supports on-premise services that includes a complete ERP system through on-premise server without the need of a continuty of online access. The system will automatically synchronizes data between both servers continuously. When the system is not able to connect to the server, the system saves the inforamtion locally and wait for the first online connection to synchronize all the changes recorded since the last synchronization for the continuity of workflows and elimination of communication problems.

The importance of this service benefits those have online access difficulty such as:

  • Agencies with branches in different regions
  • Agencies whose operating in areas with a weak coverage
  • Agencies whose experiencing the contention of customers such as points of sale


  • Local Server
  • Internal Network (branch internally)
  • Cloud Subscription
  • Online Access